A. Product

1. What is Kuredi?

Kuredi is part of PT Mobile Stone Indonesia as one of the financial digital companies in the Asian region that provides short-term microfinance services.

We dedicate ourselves as financial services in Indonesia through our online platform and allow us to efficiently approve eligible borrowers. The Kurediteam consists of experienced practitioners in their field to create financial services that facilitate society, provide fair opportunities and create good credit habits for users

2. How much I can borrow?

On current stage, you can submit for the following amount Rp 500,000, - or Rp 1,000,000,-

3. How long I can borrow?

You can submit application and borrow for 7 days or 14 days

4. Will my information be spread?

We guarantee that we will not leak your personal information to a third party without your consent (with the exception of overdue repayment and providing services)

5. What is the regulation you follow?

Kuredi dedicated to comply with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) regulation POJK no. 77/POJK.01/2016

User of Fintech Lending have to read and understand the information. Use it is a manifestation and proof of the user's understanding so that all risks and consequences of the law are fully borne by the agreed party.

Prior to utilizing Fintech Lending, the Borrower must consider the interest rate on the loan and other costs in accordance with its ability to repay the loan. Every cheating is recorded digitally in cyberspace and can be known to the public at social media and can be a legal legal proof according to the rules of information and electronic transactions in the process of dispute resolution and law enforcement.

The Government, in this case the Financial Services Authority, shall not be liable for any breach or non-compliance by the User, either the Lender or the Borrower (either by User's intent or negligence) of the provisions of the laws and regulations or agreements or agreements between the platform and the Lender / or Loan Receiver.

B. Loan

1. Who can apply?

Our requirement

  1. Indonesia Citizen that already has ID card
  2. Age between 21 – 50 years old
  3. Have job and monthly income

2. How to apply the loan?

  1. Download Kuredi in Google Play Store
  2. Fill your complete data on the online form as directed. Please fill in the appropriate and correct data.
  3. Submit the application and we will verify your application soon
  4. You will receive notification when your loan has disbursed

3. How long for verification?

Our system will process your application within 24 hours. If you have successful repayment record in our system, the next loan application will be processed more quickly.

4. When will I receive money?

If system approves your loan application, the money will be transferred into your bank account immediately (Note : Based on the bank operational system)

5. Do I need collateral?

No. Apply loan in Kuredi is unsecured loans and no credit card requirements.

6. What is the charge?

The amount of the service charge imposed by Kuredi is 1% per day calculated based on the term that you have choose. Retention customer will have lower service charge 0.7% per day as our appreciation for good credit habit and our mission to give more financial inclusion

7. Why I am rejected?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Your credit scores are insufficient,therefore, your loan application did not get our approval. The system uses automated reviewing through big data analysis. And we suggest you to apply after you complete and provide the appropriate data

We assess your loan based on your previous borrowing records and third partydata along with the data you provide us for verification of whether it is valid or not

8. What is service fee?

Service fees are the risk and operational costs that we use to provide the best service to our customers. Service fees will be lower if repaid on time.

9. What is late fee?

The late fee will apply when the customer does not pay the obligation to pay by the due date. This fee will be automatically added to the bill amount to be paid. Please always check the due date to avoid late payment.

10. How to repay the loan?

We have several payment channel for your convenient included pay by any Bank using Virtual Account, and payment by minimarket such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfaexpress, Lawson and Dandan.

11. Can I borrow after repay?

Yes, you can borrow after complete your repayment and the loan will be disbursed more quickly

12. Can I borrow twice at the same time in Kuredi?

We are sorry to inform you that you can't have two loans at the same time.

We encourage you to complete your repayment then borrow again

13. How if I repay earlier?

We support early loan repayment. After you receive the money, your app will have several payment channel that you can choose based on the convenient channel you need

14. How if I overdue?

There will be overdue fee if you overdue and will be increased day by day. Long term overdue will be recorded to the national credit archives. To avoid overdue fee and keep good credit record, please repay the loan in time.

For the details of the clauses, please refer to the loan agreement. If there is a serious violation, we are allowed to publish your personal information, and at the same time you will not be allowed to apply for a loan in the future.

If you have difficult in repayment, please tell our customer service in advance to do consultation

15. How to cancel the loan?

Please call our customer service hotline to cancel your loan application and inform your name along with the telephone number that you use for registration

16. How if I fail to pay by payment channel?

Please change to use another repayment channel or call our customer service hotline.

C. App Usage

1. Forget Password

You can click the "forgot password" icon when you require to input password and follow the steps

2. How if I don't have job document?

Our currently product only targets customer that comply with the loan requirement. For more information, please read the requirement for who can apply

3. Cannot upload E-KTP/ Face verification/ Job document

Please make sure you fill with the correct information, and then make sure your internet connection well, and have brighter place. If still not working, please call our customer service.

D. Other question

1. How to contact Customer Service

We provide several channel such as online chat to help you solve your problem sooner

2. Do you have any service on holiday/weekend?

Our operational time is Monday - Friday on 08.00-17.00